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We Defend Sex Offense Charges in MASSACHUSETTS, CONNECTICUT, and Across the Country

Few crimes are treated with as much contempt these days as sex crimes. Even the slightest rumor of someone’s involvement in a sex-related offense can cause untold devastation in a person’s life: the loss of a job, a spouse, a family, even a place to live. Sadly, “victims” of sex offenses are routinely caught making false allegations for personal or financial gain. But by then, the damage may already be done to the real victim: the falsely accused “sex offender.”

There is currently climate of hysteria, where politicians have passed laws banishing sex offenders from some towns — and even some states — it often seems like no one will stand up to the prosecutors, who often don’t take the time to determine a “victim’s” background or motives for making an allegation of sexual assault. Partisan groups like Parents for Megan’s Law only serve to inflame the debate, making it even harder for the accused to get a fair shake, let alone a fair trial.

Granted, there are many cases where actual sex offenses have occurred. Many attorneys refuse to take such cases, and if they do, they treat their clients with disdain or outright contempt. These attorneys may counsel their clients to take the first plea bargain offered to them, even though it might not be in their best interest. That is NEVER us.

Rape & Date Rape

Rape is a strong word that is used in a wide range of situations. While people typically think of violent attacks, rape can be charged in situations where the two individuals knew each other, were already sexually involved or were even married to each other. It can apply to older teenagers having sex with someone a few years younger.

Statutory Rape

The Massachusetts Age of Consent is 16 years old. Individuals aged 15 or younger in Massachusetts are not legally able to consent to sexual activity, and such activity may result in prosecution for statutory rape. Massachusetts does NOT have a close-in-age exemption, commonly known as "Romeo and Juliet laws",

Massachusetts statutory rape law is violated when a person has consensual sexual intercourse with an individual under age 16. The age of consent is raised to 18 if the victim is "of a chaste life" and the offender induces them to have sexual intercourse..

An early consultation with an experienced lawyer may mean the difference between your freedom and loss of that freedom.

Internet Solicitation

We understand how prosecutors and law enforcement operate. They often start their investigations from a narrow and overzealous viewpoint, making assumptions that may not be supported by evidence and ignoring other potential suspects. We understand how to undermine and dismantle a poorly structured prosecution by a careful examination of the charges you are facing.

Child Pornography

Our attorneys are cognizant of the continuing debates and recent developments and case law surrounding child porn possession cases. Are artistic depictions considered illegal child pornography? Should individuals be held accountable if they were unaware the person was a child or teen? When do law enforcement investigations cross the line into entrapment?

Possession of Child Pornography

The very mention of the words “child pornography” and your name in the same sentence — especially if that sentence is in a newspaper or on a website — can have a devastating impact on your life, career, and personal relationships. During plea negotiations or at trial, our legal experts work diligently to ensure that the end result is an acquittal, dismissal, or charge of possession, rather than selling, distributing, receiving and/or transporting child pornography. This can make all the difference in helping a defendant live a life outside of prison.

Child Pornography Charges: Penalties and Civil Commitment

No matter what the circumstances surrounding your specific child pornography charges, we can provide you with the aggressive and highly successful legal defense you deserve to ensure that your future is protected. If you’ve been wrongly accused or entrapped by the police or FBI, our child pornography criminal lawyer, we can help free you from these devastating accusations. If evidence supports your conviction, we can ensure you receive the minimum sentence.

Child Pornography to a Minor

Being charged with child pornography can have a devastating effect on minors, as it can destroy their future and force a sex offender label on them. Your child deserves a chance at a future free from sex offender registration, particularly if such charges were brought as a result of unfortunate trends such as sexting.

Child Sexual Abuse

Criminal charges of child sexual abuse often involve family members or adults in positions of trust with children, such as teachers, coaches, youth leaders or religious leaders. Stranger-on-stranger child sexual abuse is very rare. The relationships involved in child sexual abuse defense cases can make them very difficult to resolve.

Distributing Child Pornography

Those charged with production or distribution of child pornography can expect to face many hurdles in court: high bail requests from the Government, mountains of electronic evidence to review, and a presumption in the press and the court of public opinion that you are guilty. We are experienced in representing defendants in child pornography cases, and can offer reasonable defenses in many situations.

Receiving Child Pornography

Receiving child pornography is a very serious charge — one that can have life-altering ramifications, both within and outside the justice system. Even people who are wrongly accused of receiving child pornography are often ostracized by others, while suspects in child pornography cases are often subjected to aggressive entrapment by law enforcement investigations.

Transporting or Transportation of Child Pornography

If you are under investigation or have been charged with transporting or transportation of child pornography, it’s important to know the specifics of what you’ve been charged with, and your rights under the law. Under the United States Code, 18 USC § 2252 and 18 USC § 2252A, “transportation” can be applied to both the physical and virtual realm; for example, under the law, sending images by hitting the “send” button on your computer or smartphone is just as illegal as going down to your neighborhood post office or UPS box to send images through the mail.

Affirmative Defenses in Child Pornography

An affirmative defense is different than a defense; it is a specific legal exception that can be used to fight a charge. Using an affirmative defense can be a delicate process; fortunately, the attorneys at Brill Legal Group have a wealth of experience using such defense tactics.

Prostitution & Patronizing

Patronizing a prostitute is normally a misdemeanor offense. But if you are accused of having sex with an underage prostitute, even if you didn’t know she (or he) was underage, it can be a first or second-degree felony that requires sex offender registration. Our goal is to avoid a conviction, and especially to avoid felony charges, prison and sex offender registry.

Sex Offender Status & Registration

Information contained in the sex offender level recommendations prepared by the Massachusetts can contain errors, some of which are major factors in an unjust result. We represent clients in hearings to argue for departure from Level 3 to Level 2, or from Level 2 to Level 1, based on administrative errors, presentence investigation reports, treatment programs in prison, and other evidence that you can be reintegrated safely into society.


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