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Stefan Rozembersky, MBA, JD

Attorney at Law | 617-877-7388

Attorney Rozembersky is a trial attorney primarily focused on Criminal Defense and post conviction appellate matters. He is also well versed in all aspects of immigration - from common filings, to Board of Immigration Appeals trials (BIA), and US circuit court of appeals.  Previous experience includes Medical malpractice cases, Civil Rights trials, and Wage Act cases.  Additionally, Stefan has competency in business law, contracts, labor law, and Securities law.  Like Attorney Brennan, he began his career working alongside famed high crimes defense attorney Barry Wilson.

Stefan is licensed in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the State of Connecticut, the United States Trial Court for the District of Massachusetts, and the United States Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. He obtained his undergraduate from Harvard University, an MBA from Pepperdine University, a International Business Certificate from Oxford University, and a Juris Doctorate from the Massachusetts School of Law. For more, please check out Attorney Stefan Rozembersky's LinkedIn or AVVO.

Michelle Brennan, J.D.

Attorney at Law | 617-455-5495

Michelle is well-known throughout Boston and the Eastern Massachusetts region for handling high-profile cases such as defending Boston City Councillor Chuck Turner, handling City of Boston Mayor Menino’s Ocycontin Scandal, and defending many high-profile murder cases

Her professional colleagues include working with famed Boston defense attorney Barry Wilson for 8 years, and worked prior with attorney Ted Cranny.  Michelle began her career working for the Chief Justice of the New Hampshire Superior Court. Over the years, she has been involved with a variety of criminal cases, including: firearms, drug trafficking, human trafficking, Assault & Battery, OUI’s, forfeitures, attempted murders, gang-related and Organized Crime. In her cureer, she has been involved in trying 13 homicide cases.

In Federal court Michelle is equally as experienced, having multiple cases involving drug trafficking, money laundering, forfeiture, discrimination, immigration & customs, and RICO violations. Aside from trial courts, she has also handled a multiple appellate cases including direct appeals and interlocutory matters in front of the Appellate Court and the Supreme Judicial Court.  Highly respected in her profession, she has even defended other attorneys in criminal matters.

Michelle has also set Massachusetts case law in Commonwealth v. James Peters (2009) where her argument limited the scope of where and how police can search during an emergency situation.  Michelle’s argument persuaded the Court, and as a result, the Appeals Court held that when police perform an emergency sweep of a home, the police are not allowed to remain in the home longer than necessary to ensure there are no injured victims in the house requiring assistance.

Sunny Rozembersky

Chief Paralegal to Attorney Rozembersky

Sunny Rozembersky provides support for trial attorneys, specifically in the areas of high crimes defense as well as civil litigation, mainly medical malpractice and unemployment wage act cases. Legal support entails case research, scheduling, all stages of discovery and trial preparation,and courtroom assistance. Competency extends to case law and drafting both motions and memorandums.

Rozembersky is currently attending Massachusetts School of Law. She holds a dual BSBA in marketing and management from Suffolk University where she graduated Magma Cum Laude and was an honors student. 


Chief Paralegal to Attorney Brennan

Ramon Amado has over 20 years experience in the criminal justice system. He is proficient in both legal research and writing, and is also well versed in locating, interviewing and communicating with witnesses. Mr. Amado is also experienced in dealing with, and maneuvering within the Massachusetts correctional facilities, including both state and county facilities.

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